Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Who's in Your Corner?

Hey friends. I posted this photo of our icon corner -- well, because I like it -- and I thought I would ask all you visitors and 'followers' (still can't use that word without scare quotes -- it's so creepy):

Who's in your corner? Comment on this post and tell us which saints are there & why. If you have originals, who painted them? What other little relics do you have, who gave them to you, and where you were when you received them? Do you use candles, oil lamps, incense -- what do you love to use, and where do you get it?

Perhaps on the Egeria website (which is looking FINE, by the way! we have been working feverishly on it every day for the last two weeks) we will have a page for your pilgrimage photos and stories, as well as your just-for-fun trips with Egeria Home and Hospitality Exchange.

Thanks for visiting, and don't forget to tell us about your icon corner

See also Owl-light Studio blog (link to the right) for a different (hmm-- more intimate?) post about our home icon corner. . .
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Kata said...


Our corner situated in Tapiola, Espoo Finland. There is a big Three Handed Mother of God with Christ, painted by father Vladimir. Beacause it was painted for our wedding there are the Apostle Thomas and saint Catherine too on both sides. Then we have a Cretan Pantokrator we got as wedding present. A small Mary Magdalene by fr. Vladimir, she is our daughters saint and a tiny Thomas by a local amateur painter. We are going to get a saint Herman of Alaska and a saint Grigori the Lightbringer of Armenia for the boys. The lamp is from Greece, but is seldom in use. The Bible and an Orologion are on a table together with a heap of small printed icons (Demetrios, Serafim of Sarov, Patapios...) The children like to hold them during prayer, it helps them stand still.

PS: take a look at our beautyfull church: http://www.ortodoksi.net/kuvat/panoraamat/tapiola.htm

Jenny said...

thank you Kata! I am excited to have someone reading from Finland! I hope you will consider listing with Egeria when it is all ready. Pretty soon now! please keep checking back here for updates :-)

ps going to look at your photos now!