Thursday, May 14, 2009

Second Testimonial!

The word is spreading, folks! Here is another positive blurb, this time from the God-protected shores of Scotland:

I live in Scotland and, like many Scots, have connections with Canada. I'd love to visit Jasper, the Okanagan, and especially Victoria ! So when I heard about Egeria I was really excited; I was being offered a different type of travel experience. I could exchange my traditional, much loved Scottish house for a home abroad, and be able to visit places I've always wanted to see.
I'm really looking forward to making my first booking ! I probably won't get the chance to meet my exchange family, but I'll be sure to do everything I can to make them comfortable here.

Liz C, near St Andrews, Fife,

Thanks for sending that in, Liz!

We're at a crossroads with this project once again. On May 12 we received a full and final estimate of the cost for building the site. It is higher than we anticipated due to the technical sophistication required, but we're not deterred. It will just mean some extra steps to secure funding to have the job done. We meet with the developer next week, and we'll see whether how he feels about beginning the work knowing that we're scrambling a bit to make sure he is paid at the end of the project!

If any one reading/ following has ideas for partners, investors, or angels -- of the business variety! -- who might be interested in this project, please do contact us. We have no doubt that Egeria will be very successful, and indeed overall the setup costs are very low compared to the return we expect in the long run. It will also generate significant funds for our partner charities. We just need to get this horse out of the starting gate!

And as always, your prayers, good wishes, blurbs from around the world and comments are most appreciated. Keep in touch! Kalo Pascha!