Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Who's in Your Corner?

Hey friends. I posted this photo of our icon corner -- well, because I like it -- and I thought I would ask all you visitors and 'followers' (still can't use that word without scare quotes -- it's so creepy):

Who's in your corner? Comment on this post and tell us which saints are there & why. If you have originals, who painted them? What other little relics do you have, who gave them to you, and where you were when you received them? Do you use candles, oil lamps, incense -- what do you love to use, and where do you get it?

Perhaps on the Egeria website (which is looking FINE, by the way! we have been working feverishly on it every day for the last two weeks) we will have a page for your pilgrimage photos and stories, as well as your just-for-fun trips with Egeria Home and Hospitality Exchange.

Thanks for visiting, and don't forget to tell us about your icon corner

See also Owl-light Studio blog (link to the right) for a different (hmm-- more intimate?) post about our home icon corner. . .
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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Specific is Beautiful: Tips for Building your Egeria Profile

Posted by PicasaTips for Building your Egeria Profile

Here are a few great ideas to help you attract enquiries to your Egeria profile:

Photos: A Window to Your World
It all starts with a picture. Even if your place isn't all that picturesque, it's extremely important to have some photos on your profile because they:

* Are more pleasing to the eye than text alone
* Reassure the viewer that something really is there
* Provide details that you may not think to write about
* Offer a fascinating glimpse into your world

You can include pictures of your street or local scenery too -- it doesn't just have to be rooms in your home. What about pictures of your icon corner, your parish church, and your favourite local shops and cafes? Have fun with it!

Be Creative
Don't be shy! Your writing can be as creative, funny and offbeat as you like, as long as your information is clear and accurate.

Be Honest
Your place is small? Say so. It can still be charming. In a featureless cul-de-sac? Sing out. Maybe your reader only cares that the showers are hot enough. You have nothing to lose from being as truthful and accurate as you can. Your visitors will have a much better time if they arrive equipped with the facts -- warts and all!

Think Like a Visitor
Try to see your city, town or countryside with fresh eyes. If you were seeing it for the first time, what would you find interesting? Answer that question, and your profile writes itself.

What's Possible?
Your potential visitors may not have a feel for distances or geography in your area -- you need to tell them stuff! What can they do as a short trip while based at your home?
For example: if you live in Vancouver, point out that Whistler, Seattle and Victoria are close enough to visit, too. If you live in England, astonish your North American readers with the short travel times to France, Spain, the Netherlands, etc! (We can never quite believe it.)

Pilgrimage Sites
Please make special mention of any Orthodox churches, seminaries, monasteries or pilgrimage sites within a couple of days' journey from your home, as this is will be of particular interest for Egeria members. And if you are not from North America, you should know that Americans and Canadians are usually not afraid to cover what you consider vast distances!