Monday, November 17, 2008

The Look So Far

Hi friends! Here is the screen shot from our working design, and it is pretty much what the main page of the site will look like. Now, the listings you see are still 'dummy' listings -- just there to give the look and feel of the mature site -- but it's kind of exciting to look forward to when those will be real listings. Make sure you are one of them!

The photo of the 'featured exchange' in Hawaii is a bit tongue in cheek -- we were just there last month visiting friends, but I am in discussion with some new friends we met there about listing their B & B suite. We'll work on the free accommodation too and land something eventually, but in the meantime we can provide information for an Orthodox B & B in Kona, as one of our very first listings!

My next posts will be a concentrated overview of what Egeria is, and all the FAQs gathered into one place, because I know this blog is hard to navigate to get at all the answers. God willing, the site itself will be up before long, and it is there that everything will be laid out properly.

Thanks for reading, and please check back periodically as there will be new information.
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Kim said...

I really like this idea.
FC and I have often talked of doing a clergy exchange to the UK or Australia.
I have a "family style" BB. We have had a non stop stream of visitors for the US and Canada who have enjoyed our Parlour Bedroom.
Let me know if you hear on anyone needing a place in Waterloo, Ont.


matushkadonna said...

design is gorgeous! I especially like the sailing ship.

we have the Egeria blog in the feed on Spruce Island, so that should help your traffic a little.

Jenny Hainsworth said...

Thanks, guys! Kim-- almost certainly someone out there wants a piece of the Waterloo action -- I'll pester you get a membership when we go live!

Donna -- I have really appreciated all your positive comments along the way -- starting a business is a scary thing, and you've really helped us keep believing in it! It is going to be soooo cool when it's all done.