Sunday, August 17, 2008

The work continues. . .

Here's how it's looking so far; at least we're on to a cool idea. The site will look like a travel journal, and when you go to a new 'page' it will look like -- a new page! Yeah, I know!

That page on the right may be recognizable to residents (past and present) of Edinburgh as a fairly strange and vaguely incompetent drawing of George IV bridge. I think I did that on my lunch break working at the Royal Museum of Scotland. On the left in the picture-- not that you can see it -- is the Elephant Cafe, where somebody or other wrote Harry Potter. I probably saw her a few times; it was during the same couple of years, and I went there for coffee all the time. It's also where I learned the cool trick of deciding who goes first in Scrabble based not on a letter drawn but on who can make the longest word to kick off the game. Not from JK, of course; just some random person --or was it!

The lettering is not great -- I know -- I just dashed it off quickly to see how the hand drawn thing would look. It will be laid out better, I promise. The gauzy, abstract background is a piece of cheesecloth I scanned, over top of a piece of a twinkly cardigan of mine. Too much information? Yeah, I thought so.

Well, I have to go and keep working on the site. It's all systems go now! We're trying to get it all up and running this fall. Watch this space!
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