Monday, June 9, 2008

Welcome to the Egeria Blog!

Hello my fine friends and visitors! Welcome to the Egeria Orthodox Home Exchange blog.

Just what is Egeria, what is home exchange (and even what is Orthodox!?) are topics which we will discuss here in the near future.

The Egeria website itself is presently under construction. It will be up and running this summer (2008) but in the meantime I wanted to start a blog devoted to the fantastic concept of home exchange. Just let me post this and see if it works, and I'll be back soon to get things underway. Talk to you soon!


PS This is a picture of me in Monemvasia, Peloponnese.
It is a walled Byzantine town which is pedestrianized and which still functions as a town, with restaurants, shops, even a church. It is a little peninsula that juts out into the spellbinding blue Aegean, and if you climb a little you reach the beautiful church ruins on the top of the hill. I'll get some more photos on here in a little bit. Wanna go? Keep checking back here and you just might!
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matushkadonna said...

Jenny, I just finished an interview re: my book Seasons of Grace with CRTL. One question was about how we keep our balance on vacation, so it was a perfect chance to mention Egeria! I don't know the broadcast date yet, but hopefully you will have some more links and stuff for some traffic that may come your way as a result!

Jenny Hainsworth said...

Thanks, Donna!