Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mar Saba

Hello Chums. Well, I've been trying to post here for a few days but it's been another very busy week chez Hainsworth. I did find my copy of Egeria's Travels and I'm enjoying reading it. It is an astonishing document. If you don't know, Egeria was a fourth century woman -- fourth century! -- from Spain (or Gaul; there is some uncertainty) who went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and sent back detailed descriptions of the monasteries and holy sites she visited. It is completely fascinating, especially when you realize that in a way it could have been written today, such is the continuity of Orthodox worship and piety.

Anyway, that is who the home exchange club is named after. I'll post some excerpts in the next little while. Right now my eyes are blurring from fatigue! Too much swing dancing last night, two minutes from my house here in lovely James Bay, Victoria. Anyone wanna trade?
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